About Us

We are an American managed, Hong Kong based international trade and consulting firm with a strategic focus on the telecom -mobile sector. Our competitive advantage is in many years of experience in the industry, direct connections to Eastern and Western markets, and most importantly our integrity.

At Beacon Mobile LLC our diverse team of professionals are positioned to help businesses navigate developing markets. We mitigate the risks associated with international business by assisting our clients in transaction negotiations, and by providing quality assurance. Utilizing our global network of suppliers we are able to meet our clients’ most precise sourcing needs, and are positioned to manufacture products as per specified requirements.

Our dedicated team of specialists utilize an integrated quality assurance system to vet each vendor of our network, and diligently inspect the product.

In Beacon Mobile LLC  our clients find a trusted partner that can help  structure highly specialized deals,  and navigate cumbersome legal, compliance and bureaucratic obstacles.  Beacon Point may also provide financing for deals that are consistent with our risk models.

We work in partnership with OEM mobile device manufacturers, internet companies and tech venture capital firms to provide China market entry and investment to early stage internet and mobile startups.

We look forward to having your business become a member of our network.